Low Calorie Flapjacks`

A very poorly sliced, 20 low calorie flapjacks

This week I have been on a bit of a health kick. This is the third day in and it’s going well, although I think Wednesday will be the hardest day, it’s one where I am prone to snacking.

The new health kick, apart from being long overdue, is also the perfect opportunity to try out another of the Hairy Bikers’ recipe for low calorie flapjacks but being a poor student I have adapted the recipe a little to suit my wallet as well as my waistline.
The reason that these are low calorie is because they are chock full of fruit and apple juice, with just porridge oats and rice crispies in there to help it bind like a regular flapjack. There’s also some golden syrup in there but as the recipe makes 20 flapjacks it really isn’t that much.


The recipe needs 25g of flaked almonds, lightly toasted and I added 60g of dried apricots and 60 grams of raisins. The hairy bikers added apricots, cranberries and sultanas but as long as there is 120g of dried fruit in the mix I don’t think it matters too much. There is then 75g of rice crispies, 125g of porridge oats, 400ml of cloudy apple juice and 150ml of golden syrup (although the hairy bikers used maple syrup) which is about 3 tablespoons.


Gently heat together the syrup and apple juice, then add the porridge oats. As the mixture begins to simmer stir continuously until the mixture is the consistency of porridge. When it does add it to the dry ingredients and mix together well.


Bake at Gas Mark 5 for 40-45 minutes and cool for 30 minutes.
Slice into 20 pieces and they’ll be less than 90 calories each!


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